Help me figure this one out.

Help me figure this one out.

Recently a 19 year old woman named Sara broke into a house in Kingston and stole a can filled with coins. She actually didn’t break in-she crawled through a dog door. I am guessing Sara is not overweight. She is also a drug addict because she was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

I noticed this in the Citizens Voice. It was the top item in the local news section. Right underneath was the story of Ken from Brooklyn. Police caught him at a home on North Meade Street with a bunch of crack cocaine, a 45 caliber semi auto handgun and almost 1200 hundred bucks in cash. Ken was trying to flush the stash down the toilet when they busted him.

Ken will spend the next one to two years as our guest in the Luzerne County correctional facility. We will clothe him, feed him, give him medical and dental care and try to rehabilitate him.

Sara was deported. The Judge told her not to come back to Luzerne County. Time served. Leave. Don’t darken our doggie doors again.

So the guy who was obviously big trouble gets a two year vacation on us. I know prison is not vacation but you know what I mean. He gets to stay here and when released is free to go back to North Meade street with his crack and his gun and his intent to commit harm to local folks with his poison.

The girl who is in big trouble, not to mention probably could use a decent meal, gets the boot.

Am I missing something here, or what?

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