Do you want to live long and live well?

Of course you do. The questions really are, how long and how well.

Now the egghead scientists have come out with a new and astounding theory. If you eat like a starving peasant from medieval times you will live longer. I wonder why those medieval peasants all died in their thirties.  I am sure there were other factors in their lives that cut them short. Like crossbows and dragons.

Anyway the new research is that you should eat 890 calories a day.

Let’s put 890 calories in perspective.  Lately  I have been eating a breakfast item from Mickey D’s. It’s called a steak, egg and cheese bagel and it’s so good that I am sure there is crack cocaine in it. It costs just a couple of bucks and they even throw in a free newspaper.

The problem is that its 650 calories and I dunno how much fat and carbs are in it but I am sure it’s a bunch. Now I have been on a diet since I came out of my Mom’s body. I know I shouldn’t each such a thing for any meal, let alone breakfast but I have had a bad cold these past few days and things at work could be less stressful and ….dammit they make me feel good.

And there is the crux, the very center of this problem. According to the 890 calorie theory all I can have the rest of the day to eat must equal 250 calories.

So I can feel good for breakfast and make myself miserable the rest of the day? Not gonna happen.

So if I want to live long I must suffer now? But what about the living well part of this deal? I am becoming less sure about living to be 90 if it doesn’t include Steak egg and cheese bagels. What’s the trade off? Can I have my breakfast sandwich and live to be 70?

That might be ok.

And what about those last few years where everything falls apart anyway? Do I want to eat like a fashion model for the rest of my life only to have my last years in a nursing home being kept alive by artificial means?

I have seen this and for me the answer is nope.

And here is another scary thought. Let’s say I toe the line here. Cut down my calories. Stop drinking. Exercise every day. And I live to be 90.

Where is the money going to come from, Honey? If we scrimp and save and work till we are 70 we might have enough to live like peasants till we die. And that to me is not a definition of living well.

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