The following is an unpaid advertisement for the Bloomsburg Fair.

I guess that there is a certain segment of the population that goes to the Bloomsburg Fair for the exhibits. Lord knows there are enough of them.

Farm implements, offers to refinish your tub and loads of folks hopeful to sell siding.

I know that the rides attract many. Swirling and dipping and spinning with brightly colored lights and loud, loud, loud, head banging music.

The display buildings are a draw too. 4-H projects and yards of sparkling canned fruits and veggies and one building that feels like a walk through infomercial with wonder mops and wonder juicers and wonder knives being demonstrated by aggressive folks with headset mikes and tinny sounding pa’s.

I know that those are some of the reasons to go to the Bloomsburg Fair.

Maybe even the side show oddities, the world’s smallest horse, the world’s biggest alligator or the five legged calf.

But it’s not why I drive to Bloomsburg and fight the crowds.

It is of course the food stands.

Top o’ the beef with the nuclear horseradish.

Sammy’s cheese steaks where it seems you always compete with hornets for your sandwich.

Gross French fries which are not gross at all but great.

Jambalaya from Phil’s’ Cajun kitchen, potato pancakes, caramel apples, blueberry muffins the size of cantaloupes.

And all washed down with gallons of Coors. Not beer but orange drink.

fight with my diets all year long with varying degrees of success. I am reasonably careful about my type two diabetes.

But tomorrow I will be a waddling advertisement for an early bypass operation.

And I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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