In my experience dogs will eat just about anything

They really aren’t fussy about price, presentation or even freshness dating.

In fact my dog even, by the evidence left, consumed a….well, wait, we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

Even though dogs are not fussy about what they eat their masters and mistresses, hereafter referred to as owners, are. And so the giant dog food makers are poised and ready to take advantage.

Let’s look at the menu, shall we? Roasted chicken with pasta and carrots. Simmered beef with wild rice and spinach. Kibbles and bits with pasta and vegetables, Savory sauce in three flavors, bacon, chicken and roasted beef.

Alpo this is not.

The doggy food guys are just using what they call the humanization of pets to cash in. You see this humanization with dog owners all the time. Dressing them up in sweaters, talking baby talk to them, asking them questions. So it’s only natural the owners want to feed poochie the same sorts of food that they themselves would want.

We know that feeding rover table scraps is not good. So the pet food chefs whip up a beef stew with peas carrots, rice and barley. One test family told Procter and gamble that the products, labeled “Beneful”, were “like people food. It’s what I would feed my family.” The family canines, Snowball and Sparky were wild about the sophisticated dog chow.

And that’s what it’s all about. Dogs will show you they love the chow with wagging tails and excited woofs.

But as I started to say before, my dog was just as delighted with her meal of black and white furred beast.

I wonder if the dog food makers could come up with filet de skunk?

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