It’s a guilty pleasure of modern society

What would our forefathers make of our modern tendency to eat on the run? There is not a person alive in America who hasn’t wolfed down a meal of some sort while blowing down the highway at 55 mph plus. In fact a recent study shows one third of us do it once or twice a week. Car manufacturers are even getting hip to that fact and redesigning cars for that very purpose.

Take the lowly cup holder as an example. In the beginning there was one, and we were lucky to have it. Now a sport utility Volvo has 18. Nine for cups and 9 for larger bottles. The thing only has seats for 7 people. You could put out a forest fire with the amount of liquid in this SUV!

Take into consideration the Honda Pilot. It has a special armrest that folds down to reveal slots meant to hold…wait for it…dipping sauces.

Taco bell has even gone to the lengths of hiring a research company to do a study to see what foods work best for consumption one handed while piloting your craft over the highway. In case you’re wondering which item is the safest to eat on the move the majority of car passengers (85 percent) rated the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme as the most ideal “Eat On-The-Go” menu item. McDonald’s chicken McNuggets, the Subway Tuna Salad Wrap, Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and Burger King’s Chicken Tenders followed respectively.

All this doesn’t come without it’s hazards of course. Theres the obvious danger  of driving off the road or into another car while stuffing your face. But you may also be doing damage to your car.

The Ford motor company has begun to install tiny little guuters under the gearshift panel to carry spilled liquids away from the workings of your gear selector.

It’s been dubbed the Coke managment strategy.

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