It’s almost too late to vote for New Jerseys state slogan

That’s right, the garden state’s acting  Governor, Richard J Codey has come up with a slogan contest to act as a catch phrase to communicate Jersey’s unique charm.

Of course part of Jersey’s unique charm is that the previous governor stepped down after admitting an affair with a man.

I am guessing that won’t be part of the slogan contest.

Some of the spurned entries include “NJ, how you doin?” and “NJ most of our elected officials have not been indicted”.

The Governor came up with the contest Idea after he paid a quarter of a million bucks to an ad agency. Their idea? “New Jersey, we’ll win you over.”

The Governor thought it was too negative.

This all got me to thinking. Maybe we need some slogans around here. Some catch phrases to communicate Northeast Pennsylvania’s Unique charms.

Consider these:

For downtown Wilkes-Barre: “Don’t worry-it just looks like a concentration camp.” Too negative? How about: Downtown Wilkes-Barre, it’ll grow on you?”


The Red Barons will definitely need a catch phrase next year.

How about “We’ll play our last season like it was our first!” or Maybe “We’re outta here!”

Recently we have had bunch of arson in the area. How about “Northeast Pa, we’ll keep the home fires burning for you”.

When I used to work in Scranton my co-workers came up with these gems: “Welcome to Scranton, don’t get any on you.” And “Scranton, it’s not the end of the world but you can see it from here.”

Now I realize that these might be perceived as somewhat cynical.

So… I have crafted a catch all catch phrase that I think embodies all that Northeast Pennsylvania has to offer to the world. Are you ready?

“Northeast Pennsylvania: Culm banks are beautiful.”

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