It’s only a penny

I don’t like prepaying for gas. First of all I do understand that there are those out there who like to gas and go without paying up but it feels like the gas place doesn’t trust me.

Secondly I never know how much my tank will need to get filled. If I leave a $20 and I really need $25 worth of petrol then I have wasted my time. On the other hand I don’t feel like leaving $30 because ..well I don’t trust the counter attendants any more then they trust me.

On this particular day I walked into the store, waited in line to leave my $20 walked back out my car (by the way it was raining small farm animals) and filled up-total with my over squeeze $17.01.

Now I never carry change. I give it to my long suffering wife as soon as it’s given to me. She puts it all in a piggy bank and then I never really know what becomes of it. So I go back in the store and wait in line for my change.

On the counter is an ashtray-like sort of thing filled with bright shiny new pennies. It has a small sign on it which says ‘need a penny, take a penny. Have a penny leave a penny.’

The counter attendant rings up my purchase. He is closer to the penny stash then I am. He turns and looks at me and says “Do you have a penny?’

Do you ever wonder how much money is transacted this way? I bet if somebody took the time to figure out all the penny transactions and all the rounding up or down done by banks involving pennies that there probably is millions of dollars out there. I bet someone gets rich in this deal.

A penny at a time.

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