Memory is a funny thing

Now that it really seems like we will start getting warmer weather I am itching to get out and do yard work.

What in the world is wrong with me? I can’t believe I just said that. Is this the same guy who last year at the end of the leaf  season was dreaming about taking a chain saw to every tree on my property?

And yet as I walk around outside I get this urge to do stuff. Maybe I should follow the advice I was given years ago when I expressed a desire to exercise. Someone told me when that feeling came over me to just lie down. It would pass soon enough

But back to the lawn. I have a big amount of grass to cut. During the warm months it takes me three hours on a riding lawn mower to get it done. About the length of an overly long movie. Much of the time is spent getting on and off the mower to empty the grass catcher bags. I don’t mind that so much because I really hate raking.

Actually the time spent on the mower is sort of relaxing. The noise of the mower and the repetitive nature of the work lulls you into a kind of trance. This is not always good, as I have trees with low hanging limbs that love to try and knock me off the mower. I have come in from a lawn mowing experience with more than a few bloody gashes from fights with my apple trees. It’s all part of the deal.

A walk around yesterday shows that the ground is still too soft for any mowing and anyway the grass doesn’t need cutting yet. However the daffodils are beginning to show buds and the birds are busy building nests in places that they shouldn’t. It’s well and truly spring and even after a winter as mild as we just went thru it doesn’t seem like it’s arriving any too soon.

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