Some stories are so sad that you wonder why the master of the universe would allow them to happen

About a week ago a 6 year old girl in Long Island was killed by the families Golden Retriever Jessy.

The girl – Kaitlynn Hassard was found unconscious in the backyard with her scarf wrapped tightly around her neck. Detectives surmised that Jessy was playfully tugging on the scarf and the innocent game of tug of war ended with the girls’ death.

The dog is in the animal shelter now. The family has decided that they don’t want the critter back but they requested that it not be destroyed. Already dozens of calls to the dog pound have asked to adopt Killer dog Jessy.

If blame is needed here, who gets it? The dog, which outweighed the little girl by 30 pounds is described by the animal shelter as gentle and showing no signs of aggression. To be sure Mom left Kaitlynn unattended for long enough for it happen but the girl’s nine year old brother and 11 year old sister were close by.

No doubt it happened so fast that the girl had no chance to cry out.

It’s just another one of life’s tragedies with no rhyme or reason.

It makes one wonder though. I am a dog lover and one time owner.

We sometimes forget, I think, that man’s best friend is still an animal. As lovable and as smart and as loyal as they can be they still can be dangerous without any malice on their part.

Sort of like guns, cars and sneaky diseases.

Just the nature of things.

Life is full of twists and turns.

Some twists are more than a little sad.

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