Someone stole Jerry Garcia’s toilet

It’s worth a $250 reward if you return it.

The questions here are many. First of all who would want Jerry’s hopper  in the first place?

I have to say that this is a first for me and I often check on eBay to see what silly stuff is on sale. Why anyone would want anybody else’s toilet is a little perplexing. I guess there might be some ghouls out there who might want the throne Elvis was on when he vapor locked but even that is kind of stretch for me. But sure enough the online casino golden bought the salmon colored dumper for $2,500 bucks to use it as part of a marketing campaign.

I am not sure how you market gambling with Jerry Garcia’s toilet. I don’t think I want to know. But we may never find out as the thing has gone missing.

The toilet has been a source of controversy almost ever since Jerry last put his rear end on it. There have been lawsuits and disputes and general ugliness associated with the disposition of Jerry’s last resting place for years but it finally looked like things are at an…ahem, end.

Then for whatever reason the rightful owner of the pricey toady left it in the driveway and the vandals took the handle..and the rest of the parts.

The song goes, “if there’s a rock and roll heaven you know there must be one hell of a band”. If this is so what do you think Jim Morrison and Hendrix are saying to Jerry Garcia? Hey Jerry, where’s your toilet?

It’s enough to make one wonder.

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