You can be arrested for doing it in a public place.

You will get dirty looks for doing it without buying something. And you will get turned down more often than a leper in a nudist colony.

Sometimes just taking a piss can be a traumatic experience. Especially if you really really have to go.

I’ve mentioned before that I am a veteran dieter. I have always been told to drink loads of water and I can do a pretty convincing imitation of a camel. It’s all good when I am at home or at the office.  But when I have to be out and about for any length of time let’s just say I have had some anxious moments.

I just saw that the makers of a pill for people with overactive bladders have published a small book called “Where to stop and where to go.” It’s a short list of places in big cities where you can drain yourself for free with no dirty looks. That’s all well and good but Northeast Pa. didn’t make the cut.

Here’s Rising’s guide to good places to get relief in NEPA

Any McDonalds. Some fast food places frown at you when you stride by the counter without buying but the folks at Mickey d’s get it. And they are usually pretty clean.

Borders bookstores. They sell coffee so I guess they figure they had better provide for the consequences.

Almost any supermarket. You may have to ask but they are usually pretty nice about it. Big chain gas stations. Smaller gas stations involve asking for the key. It’s more fun if you are buying gas but in an emergency.

The big malls have facilities-some better than others. Wyoming valley mall needs some TLC in that department. The Mall at Steamtown is a winner.

You can get the book for free from

I know I am not alone in this pressing need from time to time.

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