Ram a lam a ding dong

I am pretty pleased with myself this morning. I wrote my weekly column yesterday but I came up with better one just now for next week. Now I am a week ahead. This is such a rare occurrence that I keep looking over my shoulder . Something bad must be about to happen.

Just a short note here today about a local big box electronic store. I am typing this on a brand spanking new lap-top. The reason why is for another day, another tale.

But this machine has 3 GB of ram in in it and can take (according to manufacturers website) 8.

8 GB of ram would make this thing faster than a striped-ass ape.

We were near the big box yesterday so I asked the guy in the aisle with the blue shirt where the ram was at. He wanted to ask the guys whose name rhymes with reek squad if it was the correct type.

Actual conversation:

“Does this laptop need this type of ram?”

“How should I know?”


Big box store price for 8 GB of RAM. $327. Lap top price. $347.

On-line price forĀ  RAM. $89.95 with shipping.

You have to wonder how many times a day this sort of thing happens.

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