Comcast is a gentle far

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The communications mega-thing is now in the Rising home times 3. You just can’t beat it, so I joined up big time.

For around ten years I had telco DSL. Because my internet use was mainly looking for pictures of corvettes with big headlights it was fine for me.

Then I got a job that required a robust and fast connection.

I swapped to a cable internet connection through Comcast and that thing is now faster than a striped-ass ape. (I have NO idea how fast a striped-ass ape is. But it’s pretty fast.)

Then Comcast offered bundling of three services. Cable, internet and phone. All at a price that when I did the math made sense.

So I bit and the media giant now is a big presence in the Rising ranch.

Then…the letter came.

Cue dramatic music:

“Your special promotional offer pricing is about to end.”

Damn. Just like a drug dealer. They have me hooked and now they are going to jack up the rate.

However, the letter offered a glimmer of hope.

“Call to see if your promotional rate can be extended.”

So I called them up. Note to Comcast: PLEASE. I am begging you. Change up the on-hold music. Please?

Let us say my current monthly bill is around $120. Because it is.

The representative on the the other end (after a decade on hold, listening to that ANNOYING music) said my new bill would be $140. He was sorry. My current promotional rate was a shining artifact of the past.

Then he said, “Would you like any additional services?”

“Like what?”, I asked.

“Oh, DVR or upgrade your channel line-up, for example.”

“What would a DVR cost?” said the lamb, being led to the slaughter.

Comcast uses Motorola for DVR

He put me on hold for a while. Honest to GOD that music causes brain cell death.

“$6.95 a month,” was the answer.

So then my new bill would be $147 I gasped. I was about to pass out.

“No,” said the rep. “Your new bill with the DVR bundled in would be $120 plus the $6.95 so you would be paying $126.95.”

I don’t even want the DVR, really. It’s just another layer of technology that I have to learn how to use and will malfunction. But I save money if get it.

Is this a great country or what?

Today’s rant Click HERE for today’s Rant
is from when I worked in radio at Entercom. Among the many things I do not miss is the daily commute.

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