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Blog post for January 10th, 1011

"The Scream" Edvard Munch

The scream woke us both up.

I had been moving through the house. Intent on several tasks. It was dark. I went to the stairwell and tried to pull on the cord that would turn on the light.

It was jammed.

“Very odd,” I thought. Never had a problem with that before.

It’s a length of ordinary string, guided through eye-hooks, attached to the pull chain on the fixture mounted on the ceiling. The former owners of the house had either been too cheap to install switches or just didn’t care.

I tried it a couple more times, giving it a firm tug. No dice. It was long run of string. Probably 15, maybe twenty feet. I pulled once more but not too hard. I didn’t want to break it or pull the fixture down.

I went back to the kitchen counter and went back to counting my pills. I was sure the pharmacy was cheating me. I was distracted again by the need to go upstairs and get something.

I went back and tried the pull string again. This time it felt like it moved, then gave me some resistance. Did I hear something?

I got a flashlight from the pantry and headed for the stairs.

And collided with the girl. She was a foot shorter than me. Blond. Thin.

I screamed.

My wife said “What’s wrong?” I sat up in bed and looked around.

“Bad dream I guess,” I said.

Today’s rant is from December 2008. I always get reaction when I post anything about animals. This one got me a few phone calls.

Click here for today’s rant

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