Death will go in any family in this land.

today’s rant

Blog entry for 1/13/11

I feel like hammered shit today.

I am coming down with a cold. My blood sugar numbers are high. And readership to this pitiful exercise in wordsmithing is at an all time low.

We are on day two of a funeral cycle for a relative.

He was of the Russian Orthodox (Coptic) faith.

Yesterday’s wake involved about an hour of incense and prayers from a Russian priest. For me it was study in not sneezing.

Today I have to be a pallbearer and the service will be at least two hours.

My left arm is basically useless due to a flair-up of an old ski injury and that is my stronger arm. Carrying a large casket up and down a ridiculous Church entryway (it’s in the shape of an “L” and too narrow for the casket) on snow and ice in 16 degree weather will be treat that is hard to beat.

About the only thing good today is that I am not the person being carried.

Today’s rant, from sometime in 2007, seems appropriate.

today’s rant

Thanks for reading. Both of you.

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