Am I a Journalist?

For those of you wishing to cut to the chase here is today’s rant

Blog post for Monday 1/17/11 – 6:08 AM 11 degrees

My father wrote in a journal every day of his life. Wrote. On paper. With ink.

I have some of them somewhere. I looked at them shortly after his death, so I know what they are all about.

But I haven’t looked at them since. Too hard.

In a way these entries are, I suppose,  both my way of doing the same thing and an homage to him.

Most of what he wrote was mundane in the extreme. The minutia of daily life. The weather. How far he and the dog ran that day.

I recall three pages of testing out pens. Many of the early journals were written with fountain pens.

For those of you who don’t know, fountain pens use actual ink. Some loaded by sticking them into a container and sucking the ink into the pen. Others had cartridges filled with ink.

Fountain pen with ink bottle

Messy and not real good for someone who is clumsy.

The advantage over a ballpoint pen? For someone used to the fountain pen the experience was a smoother, pressure free writing style that could produce a more pleasing script.

I am sure my dad would have no idea what this would be all about:

Fountain pen with USB flash drive


Today’s rant is from September 16th 2007. Within a month I would be out of radio, my career since I was 12 years old.

today’s rant

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