What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

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Blog-post for Tuesday 1/18/11-25 degrees 6:32 AM  First day of L.C.C.C. spring term with snow, ice sleet and a compressed schedule!

This may (probably will) turn into a column. You can see how the thought process will expand on the topic.

The other day the long-suffering wife was in one of her seek moods. She has very particular taste in hair care and other personal products and for some reason they become hard to find now and then. So we hit every pharmacy and department store in a 25 mile radius.

I myself was never happier the day they came up with that shampoo-conditioner-body wash combination stuff. Now if it would only shave me and work as an anti-perspiration aid I would be in body care heaven.

I digress.

This was the sight that I wandered by, bored as LSW looked for her stuff.

Stinky Stuff. Lots of it!

Why do we need all this variety? Hey its a free country, right? Hitler don’t live here.

And yet I am troubled and I will show you why:

Smell like Britney

Why would anyone want to smell like Britney?

PG - Version

And why would we have THREE choices of Spears Stink?

It gets worse:

Usher Stink

I guess I betray my age.


Today’s rant comes from several winters ago. Of course it could be any winter here in NEPA.

Thanks for reading.

Go to today’s rant by clicking here

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