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Blog Post for Saturday 1/22/2011 – There is no temperature – 0 degrees at 6AM – Dark as the inside of a witches heart.

I just finished up my column for the WEEKENDER. Recently they have gifted me with more space to rant (although they have not increased my paycheck) so it takes me a bit longer to complete.

I made a remark there about my paycheck. Truly it doesn’t matter. Back when I was employed by the soulless radio corporation I did the column for free. I always kind of figured in my insecure heart of hearts that the only reason they published me was because I gave free publicity to the newspaper.

When I left the radio job I got a phone call from the editor, one of the three times we have spoken. They give me a LOT of freedom in writing the column. I was sure he was gonna tell me to piss off. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Instead, he said, “Well, now that you are not from the radio you are considered a contributor.”

“Uh huh,” I cleverly replied, thinking to myself, well what was I before?

“It means we will pay you,” he said.

You could have knocked me down with a feather.

I are an author. A paid one.

I love writing for the WEEKENDER. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Would I prefer a weekly column in USA Today? Would I like to be nationally syndicated in 200 papers with a six figure salary?

I mean, let’s be serious.

I get to write whatever I want, with true freedom of expression. I can put the word “shit” in my column, and piss and moan about anything and really almost have never been edited.

The one time I was asked to back off concerned a column about the creepy girl who mutilated kitties to sell on E-bay. The “Goth” kitty deal.

I suggested genital mutilation for her.

It WAS over the top.

So I am pretty happy right where I am. But if the New York Times calls….


Today’s rant is one from the book But Then Again I Could Be Wrong: The Book of Rants

Oh. My. God. Is it bad. I cringe to look at this. I edited the crap out of what you see… I am scared to look in the book to see if it sucks as bad as what this started out like. It’s from 2005. A lot of the places mentioned don’t exist anymore.
My apologies. They can’t all be gems.

I sit upright at the table and don’t chew with my mouth open.

Why would a restaurant want to make me feel like I was a second class citizen?

A while ago one of the restaurants in the Dallas area changed owners and…click here for more

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