Keep it down sir, or they’ll all be wanting one.


I sit upright at the table and don’t chew with my mouth open.

Why would a restaurant want to make me feel like I was a second class citizen?

A while ago one of the restaurants in the Dallas area changed owners and pretty much everything else. What it lost in the transition was my patronage.

My long-suffering wife and I have a rotation of places that we visit. We don’t really eat out that much so we like variety and when we like a place we will put it into our list.

Depending on the mood, the timing and our finances we will visit Stax, The Dough Company, Pickets Charge, Thyme at the Woodlands, Isabellas, Tony Stellas Goodfellas, Twigs in Tunkhannock, and any number of chains like Olive Garden and Benigan’s. (Love that potato soup.)

Some of those places mentioned are what you would consider Fancy.

They have real silverware and linen tablecloths and good wine lists. I am not intimidated by any of this. I can be relied upon not to break wind at the table or spit on the floor. I am a classy guy and I can appreciate the finer things in life.

So why when we visited this place that has changed owners, menu and attitude were we treated like scum?

I would have classified this joint as fancy until they proved to me that they are really a hot dog stand.

First of all a 20 minute wait to be seated in an empty restaurant is just plain rude. No apology. No explanation.

Then when seated in the empty room they sat us next to the serving station. So all during the meal in the EMPTY restaurant we were treated to the busboys and wait staff gossiping three feet from our table. When they weren’t talking they were listening to our conversation. Nice.

The food was ok. For the price range it was ok-the entrees were presented like it was a four star deal and the prices reflect that but it’s a joint in Dallas Pa with a view of 309…not Fifth avenue in New York.

Service was slow and indifferent to downright rude. Asking for “More water” brought no response. More water Please? Nope. Do you have any water here? Just indifference. Can I pay for water? If I was on fire would you pee on me?

Possibly we weren’t the type of clientele they were looking for. My money, however spends just as well elsewhere. And when I am asked I will recommend that you steer away from this place.

Try Twigs In Tunkhannock. Great food, friendly wait staff and reasonable prices.

As for the fancy hot dog stand. I have had better service and food at the Ranchwagon.

We have never returned.


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