Blog post for Sunday 1/23/11 – 6:31 AM – 5 degrees – Dark as dark can be



An aggregate is a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity.

Andy Palumbo, who also toils in the blogosphere (NO one calls it that anymore. I suspect no one ever did.) and posts almost as much as I do, calls his potpourri offering “Scrapple.” Gives it kind of a NEPA flavor.

I am trying to establish some of what we used to call in radio benchmarks. Reasons to tune in, or in this case to view. To this end so far:

On Wednesday you can expect to see that weeks column for the WEEKENDER.

Sunday’s in the blog you can see all the half-assed ideas that keep me awake at night that may or may not make it into full fledged columns.

Pretty pitiful collection of benchmarks. I’ll work on that.

  • Writing this blog is very much like peeing yourself in the dark. It gives you a warm feeling but no one but you knows you are doing it. That’s ok. I do it for the pleasure of writing. Heh. That just oozes with sincerity.
  • The long-suffering wife (who you may notice got her hyphen back-a modern medical miracle) predicts a short life for my french press coffee maker. I do admit a tendency to break things. So far so good. I hope it makes it a full month. It makes great tasting, STRONG coffee.

    It is made of glass

    • I am taking another course in journalism. I aim to become the world’s oldest Jimmy Olsen. I said that to one of the classes that I teach. No one knew who Jimmy Olsen was. Of course none of them knew who Steve Jobs was either.
    • Ed Ackerman, my mentor (one of two) in this writing deal gets to look at my column each week before I send it in. This week he was especially tough on me. Took out five words and four apostrophes, he did. Take that, ego.
    • Three stops yesterday before the LSW and I found a lunch spot that featured a soup we both wanted. First stop had crab something and split-pea soup. Yuck. Second stop was cream of potato and ham, but we just had a potato soup at home. We drove by the place that had cheese bisque on the LED sign. Cheese soup? Really? We ended up with some kind of chicken soup at Leggio’s. It was delicious.
    • Sunday’s will never be the same. My work schedule in the job that pays the bills revolves around NASCAR. Sunday is slow in the off-season but that is over February 13th when Sprint Cup qualifying takes place for the Daytona 500, which is, as I am sure you know, Sunday February 20th. It will be a LONG time before it’s “easy like Sunday morning.” Hey – TWO song references in one paragraph!


Today’s rant suggests that you drink a celebrity’s pee.

I have no problem with someone marketing water in a new and unique way. Anything that can get people to drink more water is a good thing. You don’t need anything…The rant continues here

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