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today’s rant

Blog Post for Wednesday 1/26/11- 6:01 AM – 23 Degrees – no sign of the sun

Measurement improves performance.

My old boss at soulless radio used to say this all the time.

We were mostly talking about ratings.

I look at measurements every day now.

I haven’t mentioned too much about my Guinea pig/lab rat status. Back in the dimly remembered summer I was invited to be a part of a study on a new diabetes drug. I have been a type-two for about 8 years.
As part of the study I take my fasting blood sugar every day.

If this was not a test I would be VERY upset

That would be a VERY high reading if it was real but it’s not. It’s just the meter reading the test strip’s code number.

Just ok.

Today’s result. Not great but better than before I went on the new drug.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.
I have been experimenting with eating different foods at night to bring my readings down in the AM. I guess chocolate cake isn’t the best idea, huh?

Here is my other daily yardstick:

Google thrill ride

The number of people who visit here and see this deathless, breathless prose. Like the old porno movies used to put a bar over the actor’s eyes I have blacked out the actual stats. Only my son and I get the real scoop. But the curve is encouraging.

Up up and away

That’s a snapshot of what the site has done. As I tinker and learn, more of those lines go up. I know VERY little about all this stuff, but that must be good, right?

In Russia web pages look at you

That one always makes me laugh. Not sure what Russians make of this blog. If you are Russian let me know? I have to guess it was because one post mentioned the Russian orthodox funeral I went to and somebody’s searched “Russia” and it was George Boole’s fault.
You may notice something that is not in my daily measurements.

Nope. Not gonna go there

I have driven myself more than CRAZY on my weight over the years. The study drug I am on is known for weight loss and the study visits show I am losing. For now that’s enough.

Today’s rant is the one I wrote here yesterday. This will appear in the WEEKENDER issue that hits today. This version is edited from what you saw in the blog post, shorter and the aspect ratio has been altered to fit your screen. That’s a joke. Sort of.

I have seen some remarkable things on Live TV.

Some remarkably dumb things as well.

I saw Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald. I was ten. I was basically pretty pissed off more

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