Best line: Peeping Jim

Blog Post for Monday 1/31/11 – 11 degrees at 6:00 AM – nothing doin’ today but there is snow, ice, and deep cold in the forecast.

Yesterday I wrote that I plagiarized at an early age. Today I am going to admit to it again.

Only this time it’s completely ok.

I even have the blessing of my teacher, my mentor, Ed Ackerman.

Ed Ackerman (Photo: The Pittston Dispatch)

Ed Ackerman – Optimist column here

Ed said in my feature writing class “It’s ok to plagiarize yourself.”

So that is what I intend to do.

The new article will have this phrase:

I am a voyeur. I love to watch people having intercourse.


You have to LOVE the English language.

Hold on. I am not a peeping Jim. One definition of voyeur is “a prying observer”.

That would be me. I love watching people. I do it all the time. They are fully clothed. Or at least there is no obvious attempt at nudity.

And intercourse is “Communication between individuals”.

I love to listen. People say the darnedest things.

I work on this premise. I can move closer to see and hear. I am not allowed to lean.

It’s my rule. I stick to it.

The story I am going to plagiarize was written last March. It’s about the surveillance cameras in Wilkes-Barre. It’s a subject that I have strong and mixed feelings about (See the column taking shape?) in that I hate the idea but would love to man the cameras.

Oh, say, can you see?

The “nut graf” of the story will be how after all this time, still, the powers that be have no hard proof that the cameras have actually caught anybody doing much.

“Nut graf.” Heh. One of them fancy journalism words.

So is here today’s rant, destined for the recycling bin.

One of the cheap thrills in my life is checking the police blotter in the newspaper. There is always an interesting story or three, like the guy who was asking women to sign his member…more

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