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Blog Post for Friday 2/4/11 – 7 degrees at 5:40 AM – Cold. The world is a frozen mess.

That's me

I am doing the lab rat thing today. I have mentioned that since August I have been in a trial for a new Diabetes medicine. My motives are purely altruistic. It has nothing to do with the fact that they are giving me all my medicine, health care exams including frequent blood tests and EKG’s. And paying me. Nope. I am in this for the betterment of mankind. Noble. That’s me.


It can be kind of a pain in the ass. The appointments have been frequent and frequently quite long. On some occasions they take a LOT of blood. I feel like a deflated balloon. But the staff and Doctor involved are great people, fun to talk to and they have a genuine interest in the outcome of this study. They are the noble ones. I am glad I am doing it. The medicine is a weekly injection and has really lowered my blood sugar levels. I feel better and I am sure I am healthier for doing it.

The only complaint I have is the fasting thing. Before each appointment I have to fast from 12 midnight on. Nothing but sips of water.

Now I can get along without eating no problem. But the lack of fluids gets to me. Especially that dark fluid that is served warm in a cup.

Damn, life is grim at 7 degrees at 5:50 AM without my morning coffee.

If only I had a cup I would feel like this. Note: He is holding a French Press. Just like mine.


Today’s rant is really dated. It makes references to situations that really don’t exist anymore. It’s from early in 2005.

It’s almost too late to vote for New Jerseys state slogan.

That’s right, the garden state’s acting Governor, Richard J Codey has come up with a slogan contest to act as a…more

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