Aggregate Saturday

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Blog Post for Saturday 2/5/11 – 24 degrees and snowing. Forecasted to change to rain.


Aggregate Saturday

I am looking forward to the Superbowl ( I mean the Big Game) more than usual this year. By the way, the ads that you say that refer to the Superbowl as anything but the Superbowl are not being cute. The NFL, the folks who in all probability will end football as we know it when they lock out the players soon, has the ownership and copyright on that term and fiercely protects it. So you, as a business are not allowed to use Superbowl in your ads, radio and TV cannot say it and blog posts can not use the term Superbowl or show the official logo

You are NOT seeing this

Just sayin’

So the long-suffering wife’s parents got a new flat-screen TV. I think it was funny that this is how it ended up:

For illustration purposes only

Until we got one ourselves for the Superbowl:

In my defense I want to get rid of the ugly 80’s stuff underneath. And I think we will at some point. But for now we look like the Clampetts enjoying the big fancy house.


I have been offered a chance to go back on the radio and do my “Rising at Ten” hour. Details are not firm at the moment but if it happens it will be on a non-com frequency and I will do it from Huntsville sound, my studio, and ship it to the radio via the Internets. More work, no pay and a very small signal on a non-commercial station. Perfect for the twilight of a mediocre radio career. And those are the good points!
In all seriousness I am actually pretty excited about this and flattered that the station would consider my feeble attempts at emulating progressive radio of the 60’s worthy of putting on the air again.

This guy, Matthew Powell, is both a student and a classmate of mine. I think he is a great writer and has a very unique perspective to tell his stories from. Take a look here and see what I mean. When you leave a comment, let him know that he needs to write more often.


Today’s rant is from October of 2005. A friend of mine has a son who is a lawyer. He heard it when it was broadcast and told his father that it was probably time for me get over it. Son, there are some things in life you never get over.

Modern life has all sorts of interesting ways to stress you out that our ancestors didn’t have to deal with.

When Og the caveman had a dispute with somebody he clobbered them over the head with…More

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