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Rant D’jour

Blog Post for Monday – 2/7/11 – 27 degrees – calm, still and cold.

To the victor...

I guess I should write about Super Bowl 45. In truth I feel rather uninspired by it. The fact is I am not a big football fan and I have rarely written a column about the Super Bowls of the past. The Rant D’jour is a good example of my idea of a sports column and as you will see it is only obliquely about the Super Bowl.

I am sorry the Steelers lost. But more from a “they are our PA boys” then from any real sense of being a big fan. My buddy is a BIG fan and was philosophical in texts post game. “Can’t win them all.” The best part for him? He was in Jacksonville Florida and watched the game outside. That would have been something to see, here in the frozen north.

This was our first year watching the event with a big screen TV at home. That was pretty cool. It was easier to follow the action and it was more of an immersive experience. Like any good technology it became invisible pretty fast.

I thought the best part of the whole show was throat cancer survivor Micheal Douglas’s inspired sideline soliloquy:

Yes, tears rolled down my cheeks. It was well done and pointed out that when we, as a nation gather in strength, we are something to be reckoned with. Online reviews are mixed. I stick by my humble opinion.

I thought Christina Aguilera covered her mistake well. It’s a tough song to sing. Much is being made of her fluff. The fact that she went on without breaking down or grabbing her crotch makes her ok in my book.

Prop’s to for the realization his group needed all the support it could get. That’s all I can say. We got a phone call as soon as he started with his party starting and the mute control remained on.

Best ad for me? Hands down this one:

But I will say I wonder how the iconic “Timmy’s down a well” plays for the generation that never saw Lassie.
Close second were all the Doritos ads. Third was the Richard Lewis/Rosanne Barr Snickers ad. All the ads are here: Super Bowl Ads
I admit that many of the ads just plain went over my head. I couldn’t follow the plot lines and there was just too much going on with all the whiz bangs and CGI and whatnot. And I only had two beers over the course of the whole game.

I guess that would be the big difference between last night and most other Super Bowls for me. What was before an orgy of over-eating and excessive drinking was a very calm night. Two Sam Adam’s Winter lagers and some leftovers from our restaurant meal on Saturday.

Getting old? Not for sissies.

The rant is from 2008. My editor characterized it as “just a bunch of sport’s cliches.” I was crushed. How could he fail to see how artfully I wove them into a timeless story? Funny thing. My check that week cashed just fine.

They came to play. They should just go out and execute. They should stick to their game plan. They tried to…more

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