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Rant Djour is about ranting. It’s clearly dated in its references and is meant to be read on the radio. Just a radio guy trying his best to put words down on paper.

In various rants
over the time I have been privileged to be able to do this (and believe me I know that it is a privilege that I am able to express myself this way) I have…more

Blog Post for Tuesday 2/15/11 – 17 degrees. Must be overcast-very dark.

Review Day is here.

“Better Than Sex” (Confessions of a Political Junkie. Trapped Like a rat in Mr. Bills Neighborhood) Gonzo Papers Vol 4.- Hunter S. Thompson. 1994

When the discussion group drags out the old chestnut, who would you like to talk to, living or dead, my answer will be Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

I am sure that even in my salad days I could not have kept up with him. His ingestion of various pharmaceutical, illegal and other potent stimulation would put me in a pine box now. But what a ride it would be.

I don’t care much about politics. I think this comes from my formative years where we all told you Nixon was evil and a crook but no one seemed to care until he was standing on the steps of the helicopter that was to take him away.

But this book is fascinating, almost compelling, as it unravels the 1992 Presidential campaign as it unravels around him.

Thompson is not an easy read. He jumps around like he was on meth (hmmm…) and writes in stream of consciousness more often than not. But it’s always entertaining.

Visually the pages are striking, as often he will just take a fax or a letter and print that. Graphics, photos and other devices really make it hit home. Clearly the good Dr. was in a league of his own when it comes to making the printed word more than the printed word.

He would have been great to see in a multi-media platform.

And the writing. Well, let it speak for itself.

“Nobody in Washington has called President Clinton a pig yet – at least not in public -but behind his back they call him far uglier things: liar, coward, stupid, chicken man, pussy-whipped, white trash, whore-monger and dumber than Jimmy Carter….

Nobody has compared him to Thomas Jefferson or JFK or Mickey Mouse, for that matter-bu tif another presidential election were held tomorrow, Mr. Bill could find himself on the road back to Arkansas.”


On the dust jacket, on the back flap, at the end of the bio 8 words stopped me cold.

“He will be gone by the year 2000”

I had to look it up.

He offed himself in 2005.



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