The Roar of the Crowd

I am a NASCAR fan.

I know in some circles this conjures up a certain image. A 300 pound redneck swilling beer in a torn Dale Earnhardt T-shirt and shouting “git your fat-ass back in that double-wide Linda Sue and make me some grits.”

Well no, that’s not me and that’s not your average NASCAR fan. I admit to being over weight and enjoying a cold frosty beverage on occasion but I don’t have a double wide, my wife does not have a big dupa and I don’t even really know what a “grit” is.

Anyone who harbors that image of a NASCAR fan probably lumps country music in the same way. Google Taylor Swift and then check out who goes to country concerts and you may have a different perspective.

In any case NASCAR is an odd sport in some ways. For one thing it has its Superbowl at the beginning of the season. In fact it has what it calls “Speed Week” in Daytona which is the Superbowl, the World Series and the All Star game all in seven days.

It just happened and it was a great one in more ways than I can count. Oh I won’t bore you with race facts and figures. But I think NASCAR is something that takes the temperature of this country’s economic situation far better than a bunch of suits in Washington or on Wall Street.

When gas was $25 a gallon and all was gloom and doom NASCAR attendance at the tracks was down. But this year at Daytona there were very few empty seats. Why? Because the people who run the show cut ticket prices, worked with hotels to lower prices and they sold food at the track for less.

Gee what a concept. Charge a little less for your product, make it easier for the consumer to purchase it and enjoy it and you make money.

If only Circuit City or GM had thought of that! I realize that this is probably an overly simplistic view of the chaos that is our current economy.

And to be sure NASCAR has gone through the same belt cinching that the rest of the country has, laying off workers and cutting some corners. But if NASCAR can make a go of it, I have to believe that with the proper attention to detail anyone can. American’s are an amazingly resourceful and energetic bunch. I know people who work three jobs now to make ends meet but guess what? They are working, making a living and some of them still make time for NASCAR in their lives.

This is America, folks. We can and will make it through all this BS.

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