Ding Dong, the witch is dead


A cheer reportedly went up on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange after the news came out that Eliot Spitzer, the former “Sheriff of Wall Street” has been caught with his special purpose in the wringer.

Unless you are deaf dumb and blind and living in a cave you must have heard about the Governors peccadillo.

What’s amazing is , as in the case of Al Capone, he was caught not with a “Cheaters” style sting but instead by leaving a money trail. Eliot, who has been called “Eliot Ness” for his dogged pursuit of all kinds of alleged corruption, was found to be transferring thousands of greenbacks possibly from campaign funds to shell corporations so he could hide the wire transfers to a $5,000 an hour call girl ring.

Eliot, who really should have known better, was transferring up to $9k at a crack which over a year ago raised the antennae of the Feds who thought maybe he was being blackmailed or using the moola for bribes. Not for getting his ashes hauled.

Eliot made the lives of many radio and record people a living hell. He ran a witch hunt to try and sniff out that old bug-a-boo “Payola” where record companies are alleged to “pay for play.” After a year long investigation he found a Program Director who took some tickets to a baseball game. In the process he managed to extract millions from big record and radio companies to JUST GO AWAY!

In the wake of this crusade he left a trail of new regulations and rules that are so onerous that they have driven many from the business and cost millions in legal fees and lost man hours to comply with the punishment.

Now if a record person buys lunch for a radio guy you have to document the whole deal, sometimes even to the point of listing who ordered what and how big the tip was.

Meanwhile Eliot was having his own “pay for play” fun. With a 5’5”, 105 lb pretty American girl named Kristen picked from the website of Emperors club VIP.

I feel like I shouldn’t be so happy about this. The family is going to suffer. His wife is going to be wondering about her HIV status after Hubby slept with whores. And this will influence the outcome of the presidential election because Eliot, named “Client #9” in the wiretap records was a super-delegate pledged to Hillary Clinton.

His Lieutenant Governor, David Paterson, a blind black man, will inherit that power and no doubt have a different point of view. But somehow here it seems like Karma is more than a word.

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