Morpheus escapes me

I had trouble sleeping again last night

Lately that hasn’t been the case-I was sick for a while this past month so I slept pretty soundly although it was a medicated sleep.

I really didn’t mind so much last night. Oh I am paying for it today. My eyes are burning from lack of sleep and I am sure my brain is not up to par. But last night was one of those nights where the wind in the trees was creating a song for me that was almost worth losing sleep for.

Early in the morning when the infernal traffic dies down on the road near my bedroom I can hear all sorts of things if I care to listen.

The geese down on the pond across the road make a sound like people talking. Sometimes they take wing and I can them fly over the house and then recede, honking into the distance.

I have a set of heavy duty wind chimes that we got in Maine..When they get enough wind they gong like a buoy in the ocean.

The trees outside my window are still loaded with leaves and the wind sifting through them and the branches scraping against each other make a soothing counterpoint.

An occasional burst of wind will find its way into the room, ruffling the curtains and feeling cool and fresh on my face.

Its nights like these I wish I could somehow sleep outdoors, and let the wind wash over me.
Of course our resident bear might persuade me otherwise.


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