The song of the sofa

The Rant D’Jour is really about daylight savings time on the other end. But it’s still interesting. Well, I think it is.

Its 5 am as
I type this but it’s really 6am as far as my body and my mind, what’s left of it…more


Blog Post for Sunday 3/13/11 – 37 degrees at 7:13 AM -but my body (my brain) feels like it’s 6:13 AM

I made a promise to myself that I will get my lazy ass back into the gym Monday.

This is the WORST day I could have chosen to redeem myself. Circumstances (and my blind, stupid, meaningless devotion to getting this pointless exercise up and spreading electronic joy by 7 AM) will force to me to darken the gym door by 5am.

Now 4 AM as far as my brain is concerned.

This will test my mettle for sure.

As practice I got up today at 5 AM (4 AM brain time) and I have already written what I consider a pretty fair column. It’s yet to be heard by the long-suffering wife, which is the acid test.

I will be off from the NASCAR job today. For what reason I am not sure (Tony Stewart isn’t either) the Sprint Cup boys are not running today. There was a Camping World Truck Series race last night in Darlington S.C. but the Formula One event scheduled for today in Bahrain has been put on hold. Good move I would say.

Today will involve a trip to a few indoor flea markets, a visit to a local restaurant and more than likely some heavy duty snoozing on the couch.

Too wet to do yard work and in any case the snow is still with us.

I should produce a radio show or two. I might.

I might not.

I don’t get many Sunday’s off anymore.

I start the new, early AM gym thing tomorrow.


Do you hear that?

The couch calls.

Not true to life. Eyes still open.


Rant D’Jour

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