Fair Enough

Or not

Did you ever notice that there is always a question that everyone will ask in a conversation? Over the summer the question is usually “hot enough for you?” “Are they keeping you busy” is another one. I am not sure who “they” are but “they” come up quite often in these conversations. “They treating you all right?”

I never know quite how to answer these sorts of questions. I know they are just meant as conversation starters but shouldn’t you at least try to respond?

Then there are the general observations. “Well we needed the rain” is a good one in a downpour that would drown a fish. “At least it’s not snow” is also used when the creeks begin to rise. “You don’t have to shovel rain” is usually added in there somewhere.

“How ya doing?” and How’s it going?” leave me a little perplexed as to my response. I am guessing the person asking really doesn’t want all the details but then again. “Nice weather” is always a good one.

This all comes to mind because the question of the week in my neck of the woods is “Have you been to the fair?’ They are referring to the “Luzerne County Fair” which just concluded its five day run. According to the fair website it’s the 45th year of the event which is held in a field just off route 415 in Dallas and is literally 2 minutes by car from the Rising ranch.

In fact the grand finale featured fireworks that I could clearly see (and hear) from my bedroom.

I haven’t been to the Luzerne county fair in probably ten years. I am sure it’s a great fair. It probably has all the usual fair stuff, the fattening foods, the exhibits and the rides. I am guessing if I went I would probably have a good time.

But what keeps me from going is the all inclusive ticket price. You see I am not a ride person. I once got sick on a merry go round. So to pay for rides just rubs me the wrong way. It’s not so much the $7 bucks. Sure the Bloomsburg fair is only $4 bucks to get in the door but you have to pay to park so it probably evens out. But to pay for something I have no intention of using just seems, well wrong.

I just have to wonder if there isn’t a way you could let me and the other fraidy cat non riders in for a few bucks less and give everyone who pays the full price and wants to puke on the tilt o whirl a wristband. There must be a way, right?

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