D’oh , Duh and whatever

D,oh , Duh and whatever.

Isn’t language wonderful? As a trained professional writer (well I do get paid for putting this crap down on a page) who works with words for a part of my living I can only stand back and applaud the economy the brilliance the sheer wonder of those three words.

D’oh Duh and whatever.

In my mind every time I hear someone go D’OH! Of course I think of Homer Simpson. It’s his way of acknowledging that he has done some thing particularly stupid. The word actually goes back to Laurel and Hardy days when their sidekick James Finlayson used to say doooooh instead of damn.

Duh, is used to deflate a person who has spoken something painfully obvious. It’s so good when used correctly that it just saves words and words. Duh also has a cartoon connection. It is first recorded in a 1943 Merrie Melodies cartoon. There it was used as an expression of confusion. The insulting use to comment on anothers moronic statement dates to the early 1960s.

I can’t find any real source for whatever. I can only imagine the person who utters it also rolling her eyes. Yes it must have been a teenage girl. Duh, right?

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