Things that make you go, hmmmm.

Blog Post for Friday 3/2/11 – 20 degrees at 6:11 am – kitchen heater on.

As part of the class I am teaching, “Computers in Mass Media” we have a discussion every year about shorthand acronyms used in texting and IM’s. It serves two purposes. It’s in the middle of a pretty dry class in which I lecture about Internet terminology so it provides some comic relief, and I use it as a caution that these sorts of shorthand, while perfectly OK in peer to peer communication have no place in more formal ones.

Here is a LOA (List of acronyms) that begin with “L”:

L2G Like to go?, L8R Later, L8RG8R Later, gator, LBAY Laughing back at you, LD Later, dude, LD Long distance, LDO Like, duh obviously, LEMENO Let me know, LERK Leaving easy reach of keyboard, LFD Left for day, LHO Laughing head off, LIC Like I care, LIMT Laugh in my tummy, LLGB Love, later, God bless, LLS Laughing like *silly*, LMAO Laughing my *a* off, LMBO Laughing my butt off, LMFAO Laughing my freaking *a* off, LMIRL Lets meet in real life,(Pedophile alert?) LMK Let me know, LMMFAO Laughing my mother freaking a** off, LMNK Leave my name out, LOL Laughing out loud, LOLH Laughing out loud hysterically, LOLO Lots of love, LOLWTF Laughing out loud (saying) “What the *freak*?”, LOTI Laughing on the inside, LQTM Laughing quietly to myself, LSHMBH Laugh so hard my belly hurts, LTD Living the dream ,LTLWDLS Let’s twist like we did last summer, LTNS Long time no see, LTOD Laptop of death, LTS Laughing to self, LULT Love you long time, LULZ Slang for LOL, LVM Left voice mail, LWOS Laughing without smiling, LY Love ya, LYLAS Love you like a sis, LYLC Love you like crazy, LYSM Love you so much

I grabbed the above from a MUCH longer list here which runs to 20 pages or so.

Which brings us to this:

These are NOT PhotoShopped.

The acronym, for those not in the know, means “Shut the F##K up.”

This sign is one I see when I travel every day to L.C.C.C., on the corner of College and East Washington Street.

Some students say it may be connected to a bar/restaurant down the street but I am not sure so I will not mention it by name.

It makes me wonder.

The Rant D’Jour is a very early one from 2005. It did get some editing.
You can be arrested for doing it in a public place. You will get dirty looks for doing it without…more


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