Aggregate Saturday

Blog Post for Saturday 3/26/11 – 20 degrees. Spring is one week old tomorrow.

Aggregate Saturday

I am on West coast time. The NASCAR boys and girls are racing in California so my schedule more or less conforms to PST. It could be worse. My colleagues in the motor sports web sites are covering the Formula One race in Australia. It is on
AEDT = Australian Eastern Daylight Time. 10 hours advanced of ours. So the race activity is in the middle of the night.

The winter has taken it’s toll on the Rising ranch. The gutters that I can see (snow prevents a thorough inspection) are not looking too good. One is bent and twisted, filled with ice. I think we have replaced that one at least three times. I wonder what the permanent solution is?

Coffee up date. Regular readers here (both of you) may remember my adventures in purchasing a French press coffee maker at the begging of the year. The story, quite a long one is here. The long-suffering wife predicted a tragic early death for the glass, somewhat fragile coffee making device. So far, for perhaps the only time in history, she has been wrong.

I did break my favorite beverage glass the other day.

More or less like the one above. It was extremely heavy, thick glass. I kept it in the freezer to allow my beverage a frosty mug experience. Darn thing slipped from my hand when I took it out the other day. It bounced once on the linoleum and I thought I was home free. Second contact and it was all over. I mean the thing exploded.

So the long-suffering wife will probably be right. I will smash anything and everything eventually.

OK-off to the races, after a brief pit stop to wrestle a column out of my brain cells.


The rant today is about things we are kept in the dark about. From early 2005.

The conspiracy theories are all true. Cars that run on water. Magic pills that cure…more

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