Sunday Morning Wrap

That's a wrap

Sunday Wrap:

Monday 4/18/11:

Rant D’Jour Let’s all go to the movies.

Blog Post The Blog Speaks!

Bonus, of a sort: Roger Nichols Obit

Tuesday 4/19/11:

Rant D’Jour Is about gluttony.

Blog Post Tuesday Morning Review – “Waiting For Superman”

Wednesday 4/20/11:

Rant D’Jour About going out of business.

Blog Post The WEEKENDER column. About our ongoing Judge scandal.

Thursday 4/21/11 :

Rant D’Jour Salads and why they are bad for you.

Blog Post A Long-ass article about the great NASCAR artist Sam Bass

Friday 4/22/11 :

Rant D’Jour About credit reports and free lunch.

Blog Post The continuing saga of Catholic TV Ch 7. By the way it’s back on the air.

Saturday 4/23/11 :

Rant D’Jour Apple Jacks

Blog Post Aggregate Saturday


The Rant D’Jour is a personality piece. It’s really short.

You have to be somewhat crazy to ski 90 miles per hour. And what kind of a name is…more


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