Tuesday Morning Review

Tuesday Morning Review:

Inception (2010)
PG-13 148 min

Not good.

Confusing. Dark. Murky.

Way too long.

I suppose that I betray a certain lack of intelligence, a certain fault in my analytical skills, a certain…geeze I mean to say I must be dumb, right? I should be able to figure this movie out. It’s not that complex.

Leonardo DiCaprio as James Cobb and his band of merry henchmen get into peoples heads and steal their dreams. Or something. It doesn’t work too well. Only this time they want to plant a dream in someones head. Or something.

But they have to go into three levels of dreams and knock the guy out and crash a lot of cars and blow up these buildings but it’s all just dreams only if you don’t wake you could be trapped for decades and sometimes you don’t know if you are dreaming or not and…

Full disclosure: I fell asleep..I think..but it might have been a dream that I fell asleep.

$160,000,000 budget. I do have to say that it shows up on the screen in the special effects. They are jaw dropping and probably explain why the movie got great reviews and did tremendous box office.

And really, a movie that uses Edith Piaf in the soundtrack can’t be all bad.

But maybe they could have thrown, oh I don’t know, a million or so more at the screenwriters to make it make sense?

I just didn’t get it. Possibly I need a 16 year old to explain it to me?


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