Welcome back my friends…

The doors to the concert hall are opened to the public, the soundperson slaps on a AC/DC album for “walk in” music for the crowd.

Ever happened to you? Probably not recently as the walk in music, that is the music you hear while you wait for the concert to begin has become pretty sophisticated.

Take Bruce Springsteen for example. While some bands might just throw on the CD they were listening to on the bus the night before, Bruce actually puts together his own playlist. Sort of like the Boss is a DJ a BOSS Jock. Couldn’t resist. Probably only radio geeks will get that one.

Anyway Bruce has even gone to the lengths of putting up the playlist on his website. It is to put it mildly a very eclectic mix. You will hear everything from obscure Bob Dylan to Robert Mitchum’s thunder road. You can see where Bruce found inspiration for some of his own music. Dave Van Ronk…Arlo Guthrie, the Staples singers.

There are Drinking songs, train songs, political songs and death songs. You can check out the entire list at brucespringsteen.net/live/walkinmusic.html

It’s an interesting concept that bears some thought. I may be wrong but I see some real potential for abuse. What if some artist decides to put subliminal messages in the walk-in tracks. BUY MY CD. BUY MY TSHIRT. Or the venue gets in its sales pitch. BUY BEER.

Oh wait. I just had a horrid thought. What if they start to run commercials like they do at movie theaters?

Think it won’t happen?


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