Aggregate Saturday


Aggregate Saturday:

Yard sales and flea markets abound from now till the snow flies again. Makes these weekend updates problematic. We will persevere, won’t we?

Best part of the Royal Wedding? Princess Kate looks back at the crowd as she is leaving the balcony. You could see in her face “I want to remember this moment forever.”

The geese are back. No babies yet. I will try to get a picture of them when they arrive.

The man who sells the asparagus picked fresh from his garden every year threatens every year to not do it.
I passed by his place the other day. He was cleaning off the table he uses. That whole deal is worth a column.

From where I sit I can look up the hillside and see a dogwood in full bloom. At least I think it’s a dogwood. I don’t dare venture up there becasue it’s on the goofy neighbors property.

I can also see a riot of florescent yellow forsythia. It’s against a backdrop of the brown tool-shed. Its the same image as on top of this waste of band-width except the shed is new.

I feel pretty good this am. Even with a late NASCAR night (Nationwide in Richmond, VA) that ended with me getting to bed by midnight I still am not spun out. I still hate working nights. I would rather get up at 4 am to start than work past 6 pm.

I have to pay real estate taxes after I finish this. It will eat up most of my months pay. Although I am not sure what this feels like, it feels like I think it would feel like to have a telephone pole shoved up my ass, sans k-y jelly.

I can’t believe I can’t find an image of someone with a telephone pole up their ass. I probably could with a little more effort. But I have the stack of bills to pay looming at me.

ABC hired lip-readers to monitor the Royal couples exchanges. I don’t know what to say about that. What if they said something about being horny? Oh, I forgot. They are British.

Stupid MG still won’t start. It gets one more try, then towed to Ted’s in Plains with a for sale sign on it.

I have once and for all decided I will not teach Microsoft Access this year. The students all hated it. I had trouble with it myself. But I still think relational databases are the second most important thing you can with a computer.

Downloading pictures of Corvettes with big headlights is the first.

There. Close enough to 500 words for government work. Alludes to the notion that work for the government is not done with care or pride. Pffft.


The Rant D’Jour is short and sweet about a man who was one of those things.

I managed to meet Tommy while I worked at another station here In NEPA. It was my job to interview him…more


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