Aggregate Saturday


Aggregate Saturday

I am actually so tired I can not think so well. Late, long NASCAR night and more of the same today.

Plus we are probably going to buy a car today. Rah.

My history with buying cars is not great. I do not do negotiation well. I am not, by nature a cut-throat bizness man.
Why is this such a hard transaction? Why is this the only item that we buy (well, houses and horses excepted) that we are expected to haggle?

This is going to be very interesting. We are buying this one with cash. Literally. Cold hard Cash. I don’t want to make it like we are rich uncle Scroooge McDuck. We have a very low interest rate on a home equity line of credit. I established it years ago and we used it very little. So I took out … a lot of money. A big bag full. I got scared when I brought it home. I hid it under our bed.

Why cash? I don’t want to finance money at 7%. I am not sure they will take a check. And I want to ‘show them the money’ when we negotiate.

I have a buddy who used to sell cars. He gave me a lot of pointers. We will start low. Like 3,000 lower than asking price.

One memorable car buying trip. My first marriage was detonating. All my fault. At least most of it was. For some reason we were buying two cars at the same time. I have hazy recall of all the particulars. It is more than a few decades ago. I do remember we had several knock down drag out wars in the showrooms at the desk of the salesmen. They must have thought we were insane.
We probably were.

This time I don’t expect the battle to be with the long-suffering wife. I really hope she likes this car. I hope it’s a good one. I hope we get it a fair price.

If you are reading this than the world did not come apart at the seams yet. If you are not, well it was fun.

Thanks for all the fish.

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