Pigs With Condoms

It’s not very often that I feel the need to stick up for my gender. Lord knows that most of the ridicule that we guys receive is richly deserved. But when a national ad campaign shows men as pigs I think a line has been drawn in the sand.

You probably will not see the ads for Trojan condoms that I am talking about. The TV networks FOX and CBS have outright rejected the ad which shows a bar full of beautiful women being hit on by pigs acting like guys. Other TV outlets will air the ads only late at night and only on programming that they deem appropriate which I guess means you won’t see the pigs in between reruns of Hannah Montana.

The message of the ad featured at the end and on a very elaborate web site is “evolve. Use a condom every time”. The story line in the admittedly well done ad is that the bar full of very sexy women are all interacting with pigs acting like men courtesy of the same special effects team that brought you the Jurassic Park dinosaurs. The pigs sit at the bar and ogle passing women; chat on cell phones and in one case a pig leans in close to a young sexy woman and is pushed away. The implication is his breath is bad. Then one pig leaves a gorgeous blond at the bar and lumbers on all fours to the restroom where it finds an Epiphany in the form of a Trojan dispensing machine. As the pig’s hooves turn the knob to purchase the condom it turns into a handsome 20 something and strides back on two legs this time. The smile from the gorgeous blond indicates that the former pig now might have a chance to use the Trojan.

Wow! What a load of crap this all is.

I feel like those cavemen in the ads for that insurance company. I’m mad at hell as the implication that just buying a Trojan makes you less of a pig and more of an attractive sex partner. And I think women should be offended as well.

If all it takes to get into your pantyhose is a condom I bought in the bathroom, what does that say about women? Of course the real reason given for the refusal to air the ads is that the focus is not on disease prevention but instead on prevention of pregnancy.

But that’s not the issue. The ad gives young men a very misleading message. Buy a condom, get laid. Everyone knows it’s buy a Porsche (or in Shickshinny a Camaro) and get laid.

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