Cheap Home Health care

The long-suffering wife and I visit the dollar store on occasion. It’s always a little adventure but this weekend I made a discovery that really blew my mind. In between the cheap wooden frames that bust when you try to put a picture in them and the piles of canned food with questionable heritage (who exactly eats potted meat anyway?) I saw something that to my mind anyway just didn’t fit the whole concept.

I mean you go to the dollar store to buy something you want to save money on, right? An item that no matter how cheaply made, the quality of it can not be compromised. We purchase things like greeting cards and packing tape. Stuff that if it doesn’t work won’t compromise our health, wealth or happiness. Things that are worth a dollar or less and if they aren’t, well it was only a dollar.

One of the fun games for me at the dollar store and when I get to ask the person at the register how much an item is. The first few times they even answer me. In any case let’s get back to the items that caught my eye last weekend. In between the racks of cat food and the display of hair products with almost but not quite name brands (you know Clairol spelled with a “K”) was a huge quantity of pregnancy tests. I sort of just stood and stared for a minute in disbelief. But no, they were really there. Hundreds of them. And right beside them were an equal number of ovulation predictors. One stop shopping for family planning I guess.

A number of questions come to mind here. Most of the items that end up for sale in the dollar store are closeout merchandise, distressed merchandise and stuff that just won’t sell at regular stores. So what is the history on do-it- yourself pregnancy tests that come to be sold for a dollar? I checked on line and the cheapest price I could find wholesale was about $5 bucks a pop. And that was in quantities of 100 or more. And is finding out if you are with child something you want to save money on? Do you buy a dozen or so because they are cheap and just keep trying them until you get the result you are hoping for?

It’s a mystery to me. And what about the ovulation predictors? If you really want to make a child wouldn’t you be willing to spend more than a buck? The one thing I haven’t seen yet at the dollar store are condoms. But then again that could be the reason for the pregnancy tests.

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