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Seeing “Hitler was right” and a swastika spray painted on various downtown Wilkes-Barre buildings including a synagogue is discouraging. You have to wonder about the mindset of those individuals who did this. Did they get up in the morning and say “Today I will deface something in a way that no one can agree with?”

Or did they think at all?

Some noise has been made over the years that the “Holocaust” of Nazi Germany never happened. That it was all staged later by who knows who?

The piles of bodies, the tattooed numbers on arms all were just our imagination. But when you think about the hatred that must be in the hearts of those who took spray paint can in hand and did this deed I don’t think that you can doubt that the “Holocaust” happened. The only real question is not will but when it will happen again and what ethnic group will it prey upon this time. Possibly white dumb girls.

The spray painters are white dumb girls. They would do well to remember that the white supremacy that they celebrate with their obscene scrawling is really just a shining artifact of the past. White is no longer the majority in the US. In the future it will be even less so. It might not be the strongest position to take being a member of the Aryan sisterhood when the boys in the “Hood” are in charge. “Sieg Heil” means Hail Victory, girls. See how that plays in prison.

Just a side note about the swastika these cretins are painting on walls. The history of this symbol stretches back over 3000 years and was, up until the Nazis adopted it, a symbol meaning love, good luck and fertility.

Then the short rein of the “Reich” put bad Karma on it.

The World Wide Web is a wild and wooly place. On it you can find way too much information (and misinformation) about everything, including several websites devoted to reestablishing the swastika to what it was for 3000 years before the Germans sullied and tarnished it.

Good luck with that.

The hate messages will be covered up and erased. Life will go on.

The question is what was Hitler right about? The extermination in the death camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Treblinka of more than 3 million Jews? The war that crippled his country and caused the death of more than 3,250,000 German soldiers and 5,600,000 civilians? If this is right, what must it be to be wrong?

I know the people who sprayed the words. I have met them too many times to count, in bars and church alike. The real question is, when will we ever learn?

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