RaDio Daze

RaDio Daze:

I have mentioned before that I have become somewhat old school in my technology at the Rising ranch. I resisted the changeover over from analog cable to digital cable until my hand was forced.

Now, I am really going back to old days.

I have always collected radios. I have never really cared whether they worked or not. I just liked to look at them. Well now I am collecting old radios and using them instead of the hi tech radios that I should be. The advent of HD radio has meant that I have a spanking new HD radio. The company I work for was nice enough to give me one. I could be listening to the great sound of HD radio in my house. But instead I just bought a KLH radio from the 1960’s on EBAY and I just love it. It has a wood cabinet and a huge tuner dial. It sounds great but…it’s mono.

It gets worse.

Back on EBAY again I found a 60’s vintage turntable with an AM/FM stereo tuner. I bought it and then immediately bought another one that had the correct speakers so now I have two turntables, one of which works. There is something so comforting about slipping an LP out of the jacket and gently placing it on the turntable and then equally gently placing the needle on the lead in grooves. Even the scratches and surface noise seem to be warm and friendly.

Over the years I have collected music in all the forms that the recording industry has tried to force down our throats. I had a huge collection of 8-tracks (yes I am that old) and cassettes. I even bought pre-recorded Mini discs. They have all met the landfill long ago.

Of all the technology that has come out I have of course plenty of CD’s but I have held onto my albums. Why sometimes I couldn’t have told you. It was frankly a pain to move them and in fact after moving the last time the movers asked that if I was to move again that I call another company. They broke their backs lugging my many boxes of vinyl. But now I am glad I did. It gives me something to play on my old school turntables and that makes me happy. Just an old DJ I guess, spinning those platters that matter, the wax to watch.

The Rant D’Jour is about parrots. And neighbors.

No one really
likes their neighbors. I don’t like my neighbors. On both sides of the Rising Ranch I am…more


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