Happy, happy, joy, joy.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. These days anyway.

My father once wrote me a letter about happiness. I guess I was going through a rough patch. For much of my life I was not a real happy camper. In his own way he was trying to help me make sense of it all.

The funny thing is I never once thought about where he was in all that. My father was a complex guy. He had a lot on his plate and had a lot of stuff in his head, being a WW 2 Vet, that I bet he wished wasn’t. I am sure he had his share of the “Black Dog” as Winston Churchill called it.

Dad and I didn’t have a close relationship. I can not recall him telling me that he loved me, although I am quite sure by his actions that he did. And maybe that is enough. Was enough.

His letter said that sometimes happiness is sadness turned inside out. It puzzled me then and I am not sure that I have a better understanding of it now. Perhaps it is because Father’s day is this Sunday that these thoughts are coming up.

But, back to my simple needs now. Top on the list right now is a good wrap.

I just love them. Better for me than the big old Sub sandwiches I used to get. More delicious too!

The receipt below is from The Bakehouse in Kingston. I went there for a meeting the other day and tried one of their Chef’s Wraps – Oven-roasted turkey, ham, roast beef, Swiss cheese & romaine lettuce with Thousand Island dressing.

Oh my!

This is now the gold standard of wraps for me.

The only ingredient it needs to make it perfect is onions.

Now that the long-suffering wife and I don’t kiss so much (it happens, kids. Face it. Deal.) I have developed a warmer, closer, personal relationship with onions. To me a burger or sandwich is just not done until it has that little pungent kick.

So the other day when I ordered at The Bakehouse I stressed my need for onions. I said “A Plethora of onions” to the nice person behind the register.

Here are several things that make me happy about this. My order taker (A very pleasant young lady) repeated my words with a smile.

The wrap did indeed come with a “plethora” of red onions. Yum! (or as the kids say,”nom”)

And The Bakehouse has a register system that allows for requests such as mine. Literally. In all senses of that word.

Makes me happy. As I said before, it doesn’t take much.


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