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I must admit I don’t follow politics. As a matter of fact I don’t follow very much of what the world considers the latest breaking news. Unless it’s along the lines of “NORTHEAST PENNSYLVANIA BRACES FOR TSUNAMI” I don’t pay it much heed. My interests lie somewhere in between news of the forthcoming apocalypse and “News of the Weird”, off beat and quirky stuff. Man bites dog, dog sprouts wings.

But the latest news cycle coverage of the story of pathetic Rep. Anthony Weiner D-NY, and his Internet escapades has caught my eye. Mostly because he tweeted his hairless six pack abs and his wiener stuffed BVD’s to young ladies and didn’t, apparently, get a bite. Or anything else for that matter. Then the man who represents 654,360 folks in Queens and Brooklyn LIED his behind off about it.

I have taught a class about using computers for a few years at L.C.C.C. and one of the most important points that I try to make to my students is that nothing done on the Internet or for that matter on a computer is private. Everything leaves a trail, is traceable and can and will come back to haunt you, most likely at the worst possible time. Ask any pedophile in jail for downloading his fix via “Limewire” or whatever. Or now ask Rep. Anthony Weiner D-NY.

Several interesting things about this whole deal. Mr. Weiner (I will not, shall not, stoop to making any ‘wiener’ jokes. Besides it’s spelled different. ) works for New York, the same state that gave us “Client 9” otherwise known as whore-loving Eliott Spitzer. At least Eliott had the decency to come clean, so to speak. Possibly there is something in the water in NY?

Mr. Weiner is married, at least until she wises up, to Huma Abedin, a longtime personal aide of Hillary Clinton and the ceremony was officiated by none other than “I Did Not, Have, Sexual, Relations, with THAT Woman” Bill Clinton his ownself. Is it just me? Or is reality getting too weird to handle?

Mr. Weiner has steadfastly refused to resign. He knows that this story will blow over, so to speak, and people will forget and forgive. The next news cycle will find something else to blather about. I am betting you haven’t seen the end of Mr. Weiner. Although apparently several million have.

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The Rant D’Jour is about the Hells Angels. Sort of.

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