Wild Hogs Hell…

Just when you thought the world was weird enough, along comes something that stops you in your tracks.

Some of you may have read Dr. Hunter S. Thompson’s book on the Hells Angels. The Dearly departed gonzo journalist lived and rode with the motorcycle club for a year before being as he put it, “Stomped” over some infraction. I can’t remember but it might have been over a case of beer.

Among other things he described in his book was the utter contempt that the group had for any sort of law enforcement. According to Hunter the gangs would gout of there way to provoke, confound and just plain make life miserable for those who protect and serve and had great disdain for the court system in particular. Hells Angels didn’t do trials and spend very little time in the company of lawyers.

So it was with particular wonder that I saw the news that The Hells angels planned on suing the Walt Disney Company.
It seems that the Mouseketeers are planning on making a movie called Wild Hogs which the Hells angels claims infringes on their trademarks, the name Hells Angels and the Skull logo.

All of this is too weird for me to wrap my mind around. First of all Disney doing a movie about the most unsavory characters you can imagine. Walt is probably spinning in his grave like a lathe unless of course he is frozen like they have saying for years. And the rough tough Hells Angels suing somebody?
Just another guidepost on the slippery slope to the hot place.

ED NOTE: Written in 2006-before Tim Allen and Wild Hogs came out.

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