Aggregate Saturday

Aggregate Saturday

We FINALLY got a new to us car for the long-suffering wife. It involved a trip to Towanda, a very unpleasant thing to do as you will read in Wednesdays WEEKENDER column. We paid too much. The salesperson made promises that she now won’t answer email or pick up the phone to acknowledge. But the car is nice, looks great and runs well.
Our long nightmare is over.

The pool is sparkling clean, all chemistry is spot on and the grounds of the Rising ranch are manicured and polished to a high gloss. We were expecting to have a shindig here for visiting son 1.0 and daughter. Alas circumstances will prevent party time here and the movable feats will descend on the unsuspecting good will of a hotel (with a pool) in Lackawanna county. Yeh haw!

I have a full day off from the on-line job. It is rare in racing season. I sort of had my choice of today or Sunday, Father’s day. I picked today because son 1.0 has to return to Nashville later on tonight. Only missing element is son 2.0 who is A: recovering from Bonnaroo and B: has other obligations after a two week vacation. Maybe later this summer I will hook up with him.

The LSW looked at son 2.0 photos of Bonnaroo and asked “Why would you want to go that?” I think it looked like fun except that it doesn’t look like you spend the night in an air conditioned three star hotel room. Room service looked a bit sketchy as well.

It’s funny how family gets scattered now. In the olden days the family unit was never split up. Of course in the old days the idea was to have as many offspring as possible to lighten the load, help with the work of the family. Son 1.0 barley mowed the lawn when forced at gunpoint. Then a while back he owned a lawn-care company.

I had a near death (not my own) experience the other day. I am still far too shaken to write about it. This is an experience too horrifying to relate yet and I am still processing it. I am rarely serious about such things. In this case I am serious as a heart-attack, which I nearly had in this episode. Maybe next week.

Google Analytics shows a ridiculous amount of growth yesterday. More than a ten-fold increase overnight. Guess you liked what I wrote yesterday. I hope you all hand around and invite the family.

The LSW runs today like a military action. We storm the beach at the Flea Market at the Meadows which is a large event here in Dallas then we sprint to be first in line at the Osterhaut library book sale. I have written about both. These are major yearly milestones in the LSW’s life. I suggested this week in a fit of marital discord that we could:

A: skip them this year.
B: she could go on her own.

The end result, which those of you who are married and wish to remain so should be transparent. But to spell it out:

A: she is not skipping them
B: Guess where I am going?

Thanks for reading. Oh, by the way – I got the space-bar fixed. Thanks for your suggestions.


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