I see a lot of news stories about people having trouble sleeping. I also see a bunch of ads for new sleeping pills and even some ads for places that claim to be sleep disorder centers. It seems like more and more folks are wrestling with their pillows at night and not getting a bit of shut eye. I can sympathize with this.

My sleep cycle for some time has been three. By that I mean I sleep one out of three nights. Oh I get an hour or two on the off days. But a full nights rest? About two nights out of seven. I have just learned to deal with it. Rather than toss and turn I get up and write this sort of drivel or I read.

I have tried a number of ways to get myself clutched in the arms of Morpheus, perchance to dream, from warm milk to a handful of over the counter sleep aids. The pills made me sleep, sort of. But I felt worse in the morning than if I hadn’t slept. I tried that melatonin stuff? Made me break out in a full body rash. So I just put up with being somewhat in a fog and to tell the truth it’s probably not that different than what I am like at any other time. Always been a little foggy if you ask those that know me.

But the scary news is that some of the new drugs that people desperate for sleep are trying are having some wacky side effects. Sleepwalking, sleep eating and scariest of all, sleep driving. A woman in a full body cast who had to be helped to the bathroom was discovered while under the influence of these drugs standing at the stove frying up bacon and eggs. What’s worse is she had turned on the oven to 500 degrees, without removing the pots and pans stored in it. Can you say four alarm fire?

But the sleep driving is what really intrigues me. It probably explains a lot of the irrational behavior on the roads don’t you think? The person who tried to pass me on the left the other day making his own third lane on the berm? Had to have been asleep.

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