Adventures in Speeeling

Adventures in Speeeling

I have always been sensitive to spelling/grammar errors around me, much more so now that part of my living is made from the word “editor” appended to my name. Lofty title that, when Mr. Spellchecker does most of the work. The check cashes in my name just fine, thanks.

I see these lapses in the “King’s English” every day but often don’t have the chance to snap a shot. But these two were in the same place and held still for recording.

About this:

This was in the “Business Center” of the Best Western (used to be a Holiday Inn) on Tigue Street in Dunmore, Pa. Such is my slave-like devotion to my chosen craft I logged on to quickly check on the progress of the NNS race in Michigan.

I am going to guess that the “Technition” in question had nothing to with the sign. I also have to presume that whoever did, had to ignore any squiggly lines under the word. Or, more likely, just didn’t care. Hey-the computer worked, the connection was fast so wadda ya moaning about? see I am a big believer in taking care of the small stuff and the big stuff handles itself. I have to say that the Best Western seems to be a pretty well run joint. But…our party had not one (we don’t learn fast) but TWO really, really bad meals in the connected restaurant/lounge.

And there was where the plot thickened, for I got the following on the bottom of our tab:

I am not saying that because this joint misspelled two pretty easy words that were key in the communication they were attempting that they do a lousy job. But the food was truly horrible. We shared a “Pizza” that was so near to inedible that we could have been better off eating the box it came in before they burned it beyond recognition (the pizza, not the box.)

I got the final story as I waited to pay my tab at the bar. The bartender/waitress/server was more than friendly, if not a little on the comfortable shoe side. Hey, I’m a lesbian myself. I noticed that all the liquor bottles with pour spouts were covered by a sheet of plastic wrap and out of my idle curiosity inquired about it.

“Keeps the flies off ’em,” was the deep voiced reply.

OK! Um…yee haw!


The Rant D’Jour is about airline travel and travails.

It must suck to be working for Jet Blue. I am sure the numbers of people who have called it Jet Blows to the faces…more


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