Lard Ass

Picture This:

A trip to the flea markets always yields a “huh?’ moment or two. This was actually shot in a place called Pocono Peddlers Village Antique Mall a tourist trap with high prices in Tannersville, Pa (The Pocono’s).

A little research gave me this:

Salt Pepper and Lard so I am guessing that these sets were a fairly common sight in the 1930-1940’s.

I wonder if this is where the term “lard-ass” came from?

Lard actually gets a bad rap, at least according to this: Lard-the gray butter

From personal experience:

My grandmother on my Father’s side used to make chocolate chip cookies that were unlike any others I have ever had.

They were almost grey in color. But they were worse than crack cocaine. Later on we figured out she used lard instead of butter in the recipe. I’ve never actually tried it, being of the generation that makes chocolate chip cookies from a plastic tube. But I will try it out someday.

The Rant D’Jour is about man’s best buddy.

Is there a doctor..or a dog in the house? Man’s best friend just got a few more gold…more


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